Class 11 & 12th Board Level

Class 11 & 12th Board Level

Class 11 & 12th Board Level

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This course is designed for those who is going to appear in the  (XII) Board examination specially focussing on the objective part  which is very much important from the examination point of view.

For CBSE -
The board examinations for class 12th CBSE will be held from February to April. CBSE will be introducing 25% multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in all the subjects in board exam. UPSILONX  Course is designed to cover the entire syllabus by NCERT board for CBSE 12th and is focused on bringing maximum performance from a child for the Final 12th CBSE boards. This course is prepared by subject- matter experts. Our courses consist of 60 test with more than 60 questions in each test.


  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry



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Lauren Goodwin - Great Course

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Monica Morgan - Customer Support

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Sofia Robinson

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