About us

About Us

Upsilonx (A division of FADS Education pvt. Ltd.) is defining the passion after years of effort in researching, survey, and interacting students to study on different parameters. Students who are in high school and eager to carry forward their future into medical and engineering fields are at the right place to practice and examine the capabilities as well as interest. Upsilonx aims to provide an online learning platform at a very nominal price to candidates who are preparing or wants to prepare for IIT JEE, NEET and BOARDS examinations, especially, those students who aren’t financially strong enough and can't afford to put the step into expensive coaching institute or buy the book which cost high.

Our experts have different innovative solutions to make competitive entrance exams like IIT JEE and NEET successful at student's convenience. We make their foundation strong by preparing them for BOARDS examinations also.We understand the need of quality education ,so we boost students preparation with high quality study material like Q-BANKS ,chapter-wise tests(MINI TESTS),full-syllabus tests(GRAND TESTS),Quizzes,previous year question papers ,24*7 doubt resolution cell,personal mentorship and lot more.

We believe, a disciplined practice is the only thing a student needs to follow to score the highest rank in an entrance exam. Sometimes the student is weak in some topic but doesn’t really knows about it. So, a regular practice to these Mock tests can identify the weakness and the aspirant can be able to resolve it within the time span. We also maintain the togetherness and guide to create a Study road map. The test series provided by Upsilonx is a mix of a variety of questions and access to the mock test papers helps to solve an extensive variety of questions asked in the JEE , NEET and BOARDS examinations.